Registering Your Dancer

It is easy to try classes at HBP. Register your dancer following the directions below and then just show up to the classes they want to try. Let us know at the desk that you are there for a trial and that's all there is to it. 

Read through the following tutorial and then click the ACCOUNT button below to open up  our registration/accounts homepage where you can make your HBP account. 

Creating Your HBP Account

1) Select Sign Up! on the top right corner of our accounts page.


2) Enter your dancer's first and last name under New to our site? 


3) Fill in all the boxes with relevant information. You will also need to make sure you create a password. 

Note*- If you have more than one dancer you are signing up, you can use the same email for their login as long as you create different passwords for each one. 


4) After reading all of our studio policies  check the "I Agree" box and click Create Account to finish creating your account