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We have some changes coming up and it's imperative you are aware of them

We are changing our online store platform.

What does that mean for you?

  1. Easier Payments

Set it and forget it. All families will need to add a valid credit card to their profile

(You will add it yourself when you log in online or register your dancer). Payments

will automatically be collected on the 8th of every month (starting Oct 8th). No

more late fees and no more forgotten payments!

*The card information will securely be stored following PCI

Compliance with only the last four digits being visible. You will be

able to update your card information yourself via the online portal

  1. Easier Family Management

No more using multiple accounts for each of your dancers. See the accounts for all

you dancers with 1 login. Enroll all your dancers for classes all with 1 login.

  1. No More Tracking Makeups

We will easily be able to see how many makeups your dancer has from the software.

You will be able to see how many classes your dancer has missed from the online


  1. Easier Costume Ordering

Dancers’ costume sizes will be kept on their profile and costumes will be charged to

your account balance (but not card). You will simply log in online and pay off the

balance. No more tracking all your dancers’ classes to make sure you ordered their

costumes. (For those opting out of the holiday or June Performance, you will need

to visit our website and fill out an opt out form so that the costume charges are not

added to your account.)

What will we need from you?

  • Re-Register your dancers with the registration form on our website by

clicking the yellow button below. (Those who complete this by August 1st

will recieve 100% off of their registration fee for Fall. Those who complete

this by August 20th will recieve half off of their registration fee for Fall)

Registration Form

  • Add a valid credit card or bank account onto your new online account to be

charged starting Oct 8th.

  • You will enroll your dancers for classes for the 2018-2019 year starting at the

end of August. Enrolling them into their classes will be done from the parent

login using your email and the password you created on the registration form

(link for the login found on homepage). After you've

logged in, you will click "CLASSES & EVENTS" from the top menu and then

"FIND CLASSES". Procede to find and enroll your dancers into the

appropriate classes. On September 1st your tuition will be added to your

account reflecting how many classes your dancers are taking. This will need

to be paid by September 8th either online through the parent login or in

studio. (Please remember dancers with unpaid balances by the 8th will be

dropped from their classes. Also remember that this will be the last time

payments will be made manually before automatically being collected

starting Oct 8th.)

  • After enrollment, if your dancer will be changing classes you will need to fill

out a class transfer form the week before they will be taking the new class.

Students will not be able to change classes the week of. (This isn’t new just

a reminder)

  • If your student needs to stop taking classes, you will need to fill out a

cancellation form by the 25thof the month before they stop taking classes.

(This isn’t new either!)

  • Make sure your dancer is only attending classes that you enrolled them in.
  • Most importantly, we need you to tell all your dancers to have fun in their


- HBP Dance Extreme