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2020 Performance Plan,

Read this message through to the end!  


All the teachers at HBP want our students to be able to perform their dances, in their costumes, and finish the season. Due to performance limitations due to COVID-19, we have decided on the following plan and we THANK YOU for helping us make this happen for all the dancers!


When: Saturday, May 30th

**Specific class performance times below**


What: Zoom Performance WITH parents recording their dancer. Classes will perform with their teacher and classmates on Zoom at their designated performance time... but we NEED YOU to be the videographer to capture the best of your dancer. Dancers will perform their dance twice!


Important Notes about Zoom Performance

1. All participants must be muted or the audio will have too much feedback for ANYONE to hear ANYTHING.  We can only have the Host of the call with audio so that the dancers can hear the music.

2. Once the conference call begins, we can’t admit latecomers or it will disrupt the performance.
4. We can’t redo specific class performances once they begin. We have to stick to the schedule or the other performances will be delayed
6. Only dancers should be on the Zoom call. Please do not have family members and friends join the Zoom call.


How does my dancer prepare for the Zoom performance?

Saturday, May 23- Friday, May 29 Zoom dance classes this week (for most classes) Dancers can practice in their performance space. Teachers will review the performance dance and practice with them.

All performance dances have been posted to each class BAND for dancers to be able to practice at any time.


How do I help prepare for the performance?

1) Find a space in your house, driveway, garage for your dancer. Push back the couch and move those expensive vases.

2) Help your dancer put his/her costume on, hair up, and lipstick if they want.

3) Get your video recording device ready to capture the best angle.

4) Invite the brothers, sisters, dads, dogs and stuffed animals to be the audience!

5) Take a picture of your dancer in his/her costume!

6) Log in to Zoom 10 minutes before their performance time. All dancers' computers will be muted. Dancers will perform their performance dance twice! Video them both!

7) Clap! Cheer! And tell them how proud you are of them for doing their best!


Why Zoom?

Dancers can follow their teacher for the performance moves in case they forget. We will teach them how to "pin" their teacher on Zoom so they can see him/her the biggest. Dancers will have the fun of seeing each other in costume and performing together virtually.


Why should I video?

You will get a video of your dancer in his/her costume that you can send to family and friends and have for your own memories.


Where can I find the Zoom link?

The performance Zoom link will be emailed as well as posted to the class BAND.


Can I invite family and friends to watch the performance from Zoom?

No. Only the dancers will be on Zoom so they can see the instructor. Send your family and friends the video you take of your dancer!


Can I get a show program?

Yes! We will be emailing out programs to each class for your scrapbook and memories.


Class Teacher Performance Time
Mon 3:15 Ballet/Tap Rebecca Sat 1:00 pm
Mon 3:15 HH Laurie Sat 10:40 am
Mon 4:00 Hip Hop Rebecca Sat 12:20 pm
Mon 4:00 Jazz 1 Laurie Sat 10:20 am
Mon 5:00 Ballet 1 Rebecca Sat 12:40 pm
Mon 5:00 Jazz 2 Laurie Sat 11:00 am
Mon 6:00 Tap 2 Aaron Sat 1:40 pm
Mon 7:00 Jazz 1/2 Noelle Sat 3:40 pm
Mon 7:00 Tap 3 Aaron Sat 1:20 pm
Tues 3:15 Tap 1 Allie Sat 10:40 am
Tues 3:30 Jazz 1 Emma Sat 3:20 pm
Tues 4:00 Jazz 1 Allie Sat 12:00 pm
Tues 4:15 Hip Hop Emma Sat 3:40 pm
Tues 5:00 Int Hip Hop Huggy Sat 11:40 am
Tues 6:00 Hip Hop Basics Huggy Sat 12:00 pm
Tues 7:00 Funkadelic Huggy Sat 2:40 pm
Tues 8:00 Jazz 2/3 Huggy Sat 2:20 pm
Wed 2:15 Ballet/Tap/Jazz Allie Sat 10:20 am
Wed 3:15 Ballet/Tap/Jazz Tina Sat 9:45 am
Wed 3:15 Ballet/Tap/Jazz Allie Sat 10:00 am
Wed 4:00 Jazz 2/3 Huggy Sat 12:20 pm
Wed 4:00 Lyrical Allie Sat 11:20 am
Wed 6:00 Tap 1 Allie Sat 11:40 am
Thurs 3:30 Ballet 2 Stephanie Sat 12:40 pm
Thurs 3:30 Beg. Ballet Sophia Sat 2:00 pm
Thurs 4:30 Ballet 3 Stephanie Sat 1:00 pm
Thurs 5:30 Hip Hop Sophia Sat 2:40 pm
Thurs 5:30 Pointe Stephanie Sat 1:20 pm
Thurs 6:30 Ballet 3,4,5 Stephanie Sat 1:40 pm
Thurs 8:00 Adv Contemporary Dianna Sat 3:00 pm
Fri 3:30 Boys HIp Hop Dianna Sat 3:20 pm
Fri 4:30 Contemporary Sophia Sat 2:20 pm
Sat 9:15 B/T/J Lizzie Sat 9:15 am
Sat. 8:30 B/T/J Lizzie Sat 9:00 am
Sat 11:00 Ballet 3,4,5 Stephanie Sat 2:00 pm
Jr Company Allie/Laurie Sat 9:45 am
Dance Crew Sophia Sat 3:00 pm


NOTE from Huggy & Laurie

As a small business, we are eternally grateful to our dance families for the love and support we feel from you. Your continued support of HBP helps us keep our amazing teachers employed. Shout out to our teachers who are working so hard to provide online classes to our dance community! Your continued support will also give us the ability to survive to have our 15th season for our family of dancers in the Tustin community.