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Class Descriptions


Ballet classes focus on body positioning & alignment, flexibility, balance, French terminology and ballet position and steps in the Chechetti method. The Beginning level will cover plié, tendu, dégagé, chassé pas de bourreé, changement, échappé, soubresaut, chassé, sauté arabesque and more. Each level will continue to expand the students’ ballet vocabulary by encompassing traditional ballet steps, exercises, and positions in a more lyrical, contemporary feel including classical and contemporary music.


The elements of tap dance technique and terminology are taught, highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound.


All Jazz classes utilize elements of traditional jazz technique, funkadelic hip hop, and ballet. Stretching and flexibility are emphasized along with across the floor progressions.

Dance Crew

The HBP Dance Crew is for our dancers who want more opportunities to perform but with a smaller time commitment. Dance Crew members will be required to take one Hip Hop class and either a Jazz or Ballet class at their level. They will also attend the crew rehearsal. This crew will compete at 1 competition and 1 community show.

Turns & Jumps

The techniques learned in this class are very specific, have been developed through years of training, and are rooted in basic physics. All dancers will be able to utilize these techniques in every dance discipline. The Beginning level concentrates on the following techniques: spotting techniques, chassé, pas de bourrée, piqué turn, chaîné turns, single and double pirouette, jeté, second jumps, and a basic switch leap. The Advanced level will also include: change of spot, multiple pirouettes, quick footwork, fouttés, à la seconde turns, multiple piqués, full switch leaps, tour jetés, big second jumps, and a combination of all of the above.


The Basics class is an introduction to basic hip hop rhythm and timing, popping and locking. Funkadelic Hip Hop is a unique style of hip hop dance utilizing jazz, latin funk, waving, popping, locking, floating, and old school funk.

Strength & Stretch

This class is cross training for dancers utilizing muscles that are generally not used in dance class. It contains specific cardio for endurance, focusing on core strength and mental toughness.

Performing Groups


  • Ages 8 +, 4 local competitions, 1 local dance convention, 7 community shows, 1 CA nationals.
  • Auditions June 1st. Rehearsals and class requirements begin August 15th
  • Team building
  • Philanthropy projects
  • Team parties

Jr Company

  • Ages 5-7, 3 local competitions, 7 community shows
  • Begins August 15th
  • 1 weekly rehearsal, 1 class required


  • 1 weekly rehearsal, 1 weekly class required
  • Begins August 15th
  • Ages 7+, 3 local competitions, 7 community shows